About Us

ONE HUNDRED P LLC is a personal performance company and community created to help in the evolution of humanity. We are dedicated to living life to its fullest- 100%, by giving 100% at anything everything worth doing.

Our philosophy is simple; Aspire to give 100% on the three pillars of strength (mental strength , nutritional strength and physical strength ) and you will reap the rewards with an abundance of health, happiness and longevity.

As this happens and as You become the best You can be, You will evolve into real leader and you will naturally and without effort inspire others to be the best they can be.

One Hundred P LLC began when our founder and CEO, Michael, became fed up and plain frustrated with todays pharmaceutical culture that is seemingly obsessed with prescribing medication for seemingly anything and everything. Like many adults, Michael was told that do to his genetic makeup he would be forced to take medication for the rest of his adult life to help combat his higher blood pressure, a condition that had been in his family for decades. Before succumbing to his doctors pressure, disguised as advice Michael had always believed that if you treat your body right, it will return the favor. Following this philosophy, Michael took his vitamins, watched his diet and stuck to an intense workout plan that included time in the gym and the miles on the road either running or cycling over 20 miles in a single ride. 

While Michael thought he was doing everything right to take matters into his own hands and those around him complimenting him on his lifestyle change, especially when it lead to a 40 pound weight loss. Michael still wasn’t satisfied. While his blood pressure dropped and confidence began to sky rocket due to his new found lifestyle, the results still weren’t enough. As time went on, the idea of being able to completely remedy his hypertension naturally still remained in Michaels mind so he went back to the drawing board. The idea of sleep came in to mind, since starting a successful retail business can take a toll on any entrepreneur. While Michael normally chalked his disrupt full sleeping patterns on stresses and anxiety do to business and outside factors it was still an element of his life that needed attention. Countless remedies including meditation, pillows and mattresses were purchased but a restless nights sleep still seemed unachievable. Regardless of the time Michael put his head down on the pillow to sleep at night, he was awake at 6:00am with interruptions throughout the night. 

Determined and exhausted to find a way to rest through the night Michael continued his research. Along the way, Michael found an important article regarding the compound cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD. While cautious and hesitant to consume anything he thought could be similar in any way to marijuana, Michael decided after enough research to give the new supplement a shot. Remember, Michael doesn’t even take Advil when he has a headache, so to say he has never tried a puff of marijuana once is about as safe as an assumption one could make. Unfortunately, after a trip to his local convenient store Michel remained unimpressed with CBD and was confused with all of the recent excitement regarding the wonder supplement. However, as I am sure you know by now Michael remained curious and continued his research. This is when our CEO discovered that there is a multitude of CBD products on the market today and however unfortunate many brands do not produce the same quality of product as others. This explains the $20 price tag on the extra strength CBD oil Michael was first introduced to when his CBD journey first began. After more research, Michael stumbled upon much higher quality cannabidiol products and the rest is history. From the moment he began using high grade products his sleep patterns adjusted and so did his blood pressure. Not only was Michael able to sleep into the morning but he was able to add CBD into his already healthy lifestyle and soon after was able to stop all regular medications, safely with the approval of his doctor who had suggested long before that he would have to remain on medicine for the rest of his adult life to remain healthy.